E-Z Park is a revolutionary new parking system that is designed to make parking easier and more efficient for both drivers and parking attendants. This system utilizes a combination of technology, including sensors and software, to provide real-time information on parking spaces and automate the parking process.

The E-Z Park system begins with a network of sensors that are placed in parking spaces throughout a parking lot or garage. These sensors use infrared technology to detect the presence of a vehicle in space, and they send this information to a central server. The server then uses this data to create a real-time map of the parking lot or garage, showing which spaces are occupied and which are available.

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E-Z Park provides drivers with real-time parking information as well as automates the process. When a driver pulls into a parking space, the sensor will detect their vehicle and automatically send a notification to the central server. The server will then update the map to show that the space is now occupied.

The driver can then use the mobile app or website to pay for their parking, eliminating the need to use cash or a credit card at a parking meter. They can also extend their parking time if needed, or even cancel their parking session if they decide to leave early.

The E-Z Park system also includes a feature that allows parking attendants to view the real-time map and monitor the parking lot or garage in real time. This can help them quickly identify any issues that may arise, such as a parked car that has been abandoned, or a vehicle that is parked in a handicapped spot without a permit. They can also use the system to keep track of parking enforcement, such as issuing tickets for expired parking.

E-Z Park is a parking system that utilizes technology to make parking easier, more efficient and more convenient for drivers. This system includes sensors, a real-time map, a mobile app, and software that help drivers to find parking spaces and pay for parking, while also helping parking attendants to keep the parking lot or garage running smoothly. It is a game-changer for parking and is expected to become increasingly popular in the future.

Ez Park


E-z park is an electronic parking system that allows customers to pay for parking using their mobile devices or through a website.

To use e-z park, you will need to create an account and register your vehicle. You can then pay for parking through the e-z park app or website, and your parking time will be automatically tracked and updated.

E-z park is currently available at select parking locations. Check the e-z park website or app to see if it’s available in your area. 

Through the e-z park app or website, you can see how much parking time you have left. In addition, you can receive notifications when your parking session is about to expire.

If you overstay your parking session, you will be charged additional fees. You can also receive a parking violation if you continue to park after your time has expired.

Yes, you can extend your parking session through the e-z park app or website.

If you lose your phone or have technical difficulties with the e-z park app, you can contact customer service for assistance. You can access your account and pay for parking by contacting them.

There may be a small fee to use e-z park, depending on the parking location. You can check the e-z park website or app for specific fees at your parking location.

Ez Park

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