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Parking Systems offers valet service, parking management, transportation service, facility maintenance, revenue control, and consulting services. Parking Systems company currently services more than 300 locations and accommodates over 10 million vehicles annually. In the East Coast, Parking Systems parking professionals have become extremely recognizable due to their familiar logo.

The Parking System knows that they form the first and last impression of his establishment. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, he provides hospitality-infused services. With a smile on their faces, his parking professionals anticipate the needs of your guests.

Parking Systems recognize that no two parking operations are the same. Every plan he creates is tailored to the needs of the client. Our services range from staffing and transportation to technology and customer service.

Parking Systems

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Services Provided by Parking Systems


Parking Systems residential parking professionals deliver first-class services to residential communities of all sizes. Residents, as well as their guests, are managed and serviced by his team on a daily basis.

Throughout the day, Parking Systems become residents’ first and last impression because they have 24/7 access to them. The Parking System will work closely with building management to customize services while incorporating technology to improve the building’s marketability.


Parking Systems provides Wonderful services to its customers in Airport.

Parking System Provides a Convenient location (within the Aloft/Ibis hotel) the closest lot to the LGA terminals (3 miles), Self-Parking, Free Shuttle (Monday-Sunday | 4:30 AM – Midnight), Luggage Assistance, Freshly prepared sandwiches, salads, and breakfast options available 24/7, Safe and Secure (fenced parking lot with CCTV system) and Superior Guest Service.


Parking Systems understands that they have the first and last impressions of their valued hotel guests. In order to ensure its programs and employees match your hotel brand, they work closely with hotel management clients. Parking Systems has an experienced hospitality department that incorporates training techniques derived from The Disney Approach and MarriottĀ® International Guest Service Training. In addition to ensuring compliance with the hotel’s specific standards, guest satisfaction is continuously monitored through various methods, including comment cards. Technology in parking systems is second to none, as they can be integrated with multiple hotel systems.

Parking Systems


The parking management system for office buildings has been provided by Parking Systems since its inception. As a result of his ability to tailor parking programs to meet the needs of each client, he helps his clients better serve their tenants and market their buildings.

The Parking Systems can develop a comprehensive plan that will provide convenience to employees and visitors while protecting the leases of tenants. Parking System designs a parking plan for fully occupied buildings that maximize parking in order to maximize revenue and parking space utilization.

As part of its ” concierge” service, Parking Systems offers a wide range of valuable and site-specific tenant amenity programs. A variety of parking system offerings are available to clients to develop a customized package.

Parking Systems

Health Care

The Parking System begins by understanding the importance of patient satisfaction. Through quality personnel and in-depth medical-specific training, his services are focused directly on class, convenience, and compassion.  

They realize they have the first and last impression of their patients and visitors, which is why they track patient satisfaction with real-time patient surveys upon departure from the valet.

A convenient, easy, and outstanding experience.

The staff was extremely friendly and explained the process clearly.

Parking Systems


Parking Systems specializes in valet services, shuttles, and directing at a range of venues from professional sporting arenas to private residences. Guests will be treated like VIPs by the Parking Systems’ courteous and professional attendants. 

An experienced and trained parking professional can handle the logistics of traffic management, parking space optimization, and ensuring a smooth flow of arrivals and departures at special events.

Parking Systems

Parking systems (faq)

You should arrive at your terminal at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time. The shuttles run daily from 4:30 am to Midnight, and we will check your reservation upon entry.

Please park in the Parking Systems Park N Fly space upon arrival. Check-in at the lower level of the Aloft after parking. Please print and have your reservation handy at this time. Once you are parked at our facility, you will be instructed to display a placard on your dashboard

The shuttle can be contacted at (718) 512-0248 or through the link below after disembarking the plane. Please provide the Parking Systems Staff with your terminal and head to the designated pick-up area. 

  • ARRIVALS TERMINAL ONLY: Shuttle pick-up location
  • Terminal A – Arrivals from the respective airline
  • Terminal B (ARRIVALS) Gate 4
  • Terminal C – Arrivals from the respective airline
  • Terminal D – Arrivals from the respective airline
  • Once you have retrieved your luggage, call (718) 512-0248 to request the shuttle.
  • Observe the Aloft Shuttle

For reservations, please use

To request & track a shuttle, click here


If you have any issues with the Parking systems Product or Service, you can contact it through:
Contact: (24-Hour Service: (800) 944-1424)
Corporate Office: (516) 825-4661
Email: [email protected]