Virtual Parking Pass


Parking Management for Guest

In the United States, There is a lot of parking issue nowadays. After searching for a solution, our team came up with a Virtual Parking Pass.

The VirtualParkingPass is designed to maximize visitor parking capacity, increase security, and eliminate unauthorized occupancy. This portal enables property management professionals, security agencies, and parking enforcement providers to view detailed information about guest vehicles parked on private properties. With this application, subscribers can customize their visitor registration restrictions, block unwanted vehicle registrations, access vehicle registration history, and manage their guest parking policy without any physical interaction or time-consuming efforts.

When you book a VirtualParkingPass, enter your registration number and details. Make sure you put your details correctly, otherwise VirtualParking Pass will cancel your booking.

There is no VirtualParkingPass app on the Google Play store yet, but I hope it will be available soon. The app allows you to register your parking more efficiently.

Virtual Parking Pass

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Parking benefits for guests

A virtual parking permit is an easier, more flexible alternative to a physical permit. Using the new system, customers can purchase parking permits anywhere, anytime, and from any device. As soon as the order is placed, the parking permit will be valid immediately or on the dates specified when the order is placed.

  • Limits in time
  • Usage Restrictions
  • Access Restrictions
  • Easily customizable
  • Easily accessible
  • A comprehensive approach
Virtual Parking Pass


1. Complaint: Parking management is simplified for residents and their guests by properties/communities (including vehicle registration and permitting). We cannot guarantee that your vehicle will not be towed, TICKETED, or bogged even with proper account setup and vehicle registration. TICKETING, TOWING, OR BOOTING OF ANY VEHICLE AND/OR TICKETING, TOWING, OR BOOTING OF ANY VEHICLE MUST BE REDIRECTED TO THE APPLICABLE PROPERTY/COMMUNITY OR TOWING/PARKING ENFORCEMENT COMPANY AND NOT YOUR ENFORCEMENT SERVICES. 

2. Term and Termination: As of the date you create your account with us and gain access to the Service, this Agreement will be in effect until your Service account is terminated. If your account is suspended or terminated, you may not be able to park at the selected property/community. We may suspend or terminate your account if you breach this Agreement, or the property/community may do so at its discretion.  According to our Privacy Policy, we may retain data, resources, assets, and other related items associated with your account (e.g., property/community information, vehicle history, and other User Content, as applicable) after termination.

3. Fees and Payments: The participating property/community may charge guests or residents for parking at their discretion. The payment must be made with a valid credit card. The property/community may increase or decrease parking fees from time to time. 


You need to create a new resident account to purchase virtual visitor permits. You can buy visitor’s permits online if you live in a controlled parking zone, so that your guests may park in a resident permit bay or a shared bay.

Our parking operations at the USF Tampa campus have adopted the trend of using Virtual Permits. These permits offer efficiency, sustainability, and cost savings.

You simply activate your account by VirtualParkingPass

Virtual Parking Pass